Spreading goodness!

And when I see the feelings of dislikings everywhere, I perceive that that everything is at the edge of demolition at that specific time I try destructing it with the expressions of love and kindness. I take a little basket of hearts in my hands and toss it in the ways I walk on, with the hope that atleast someone would grab one of them and make a chain ahead by doing the same.


A walk to the light!

When I got tired of being sad and sick of my sufferings, I lacked that ‘intrest’ in my pains which i used to have it freshly and newly! I thought of heading up and getting up. My tiny eyes looked around for a little support, a little encouragement. But, I have realized that no one is here to stand by me, everyone is busy in their lives. Everyone has someone to be with them.. So yeah! I have an idea and that is, I have myself as my friend to cheer me up, to hearten me and tell me “Rida! theres a light ahead…just a little more run, than theres a spark which will turn into glitters and this will glow your world forever and ever!”